cat silhouettes in stained glass windowsSingle Page Sites

A single page website gets your voice into the world. I can make that happen quickly, easily and inexpensively!

WordPress Websites

WordPress is the most widely used Web publishing platform in the world! I can set you up with a WordPress site, customized to look exactly the way you want. From there, you can maintain it yourself, or I can help. It’s up to you!

Website Rehab

Do you have a website that’s old or outdated? Hasn’t been touched in forever? Can’t stand the look of it? Or maybe it just needs a little TLC.  I am always delighted to rehab existing websites!

Website Maintenance

Keeping your website maintained and up to date is just as important as putting it up in the first place! I’m always available to help maintain and update sites. Built by me, built by someone else, it’s all good!

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