Getting back on track with a weekly (at least) posting, after skipping half of January and all of February. Right after my declaration of intent to focus on the most important things and get more organized, life threw us a very big curve: Joe’s dad passed away. We were in San Jose for ten days, helping with funeral arrangements, going through paperwork, preparing for potential family drama (which, in the end, turned out to be a lot less dramatic than we were afraid of).

February, and now the first week of March, has passed far more quickly than even a short month ought to, I think. But I feel like I’m finally able to focus and get my head back around some of the projects that I need to get going. One of them is a last-ditch attempt to revitalize the message board I run, The Starlight Teahouse.

The Teahouse is a general-interest message board or forum, where folks can discuss creative efforts, the latest in pop culture, the news of the day, politics, pets, and (of course!) tea. You can join role-playing games that run on the forum, try your hand at a round robin story written five words at a time, or share your favorite quotations. The Okamisan (that’s me!) does her best to keep the atmosphere friendly, civil, and spam-free. There are also no advertisements on the board for registered, signed-in members — and membership is absolutely free!

Over the past year or so, Facebook has offered some of the interactive possibilities that can be found at the Teahouse, but the Teahouse does offer a few things Facebook doesn’t. We won’t change our format every few months; there are no ads (once you are registered and signed in); and you won’t have to get all of your friends to join the game you’re playing in order to have any hope of success in it — or, for those who aren’t into games, you don’t have to set a bunch of filters to bypass a bazillion automated game-related postings. And when someone posts an item of interest on the Teahouse, you’re much less likely to miss it!

Please stop by The Starlight Teahouse and have a look around. Sign up and start a discussion. It would really make my day. And maybe yours too!

Dusting Out the Virtual Rooms — an Invitation to the Teahouse
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