2015-07-15donationselfieThe very first time I donated blood (right after my 18th birthday), one of the other donors arrived wearing a sweatshirt with “Dracula” emblazoned on the front.  (I think it was the logo from the 1979 movie starring Frank Langella, but thirty years on, I can’t be certain.)  I shared my amusement and admiration with him, and he told me he always wore that particular shirt when he came to donate.

I’ve been a pretty regular blood donor for my entire adult life, and I have always wanted to have a special shirt to wear when I go in, like that young man from so long ago.  Now, at long last, I have one, and here it is. I’m off to the Red Cross Bloodmobile later this afternoon.

And if you don’t recognize the reference, Mad Max: Fury Road is still in theaters.  Get out and go see it.  Seriously.  Go now.

And then, if you are able, get yourself down to the blood bank.

Give Blood, Save Life. Be Mad!
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