I’m assuming that most of you who read my journal are outside the Portland area, but just in case, I wanted to share this:

Humane Society Needs You (to adopt a cat)

Short version: the shelter’s full, they don’t kill cats for lack of space, but they can’t take in any more until they adopt some out. The goal is 100 cats by Thanksgiving. You can even adopt one adult cat and adopt a second for no fee.

We have no more room ourselves (five cats in a 1050 square foot apartment is really pushing it), but I wanted to spread the word in some way.

And a bit of fun to go with — my first attempt at a lolcat. This picture is of a feral kitten rounded up at JFK Airport in New York City. Those cats are not as lucky as the ones at the Oregon Humane Society — most of them face being euthanized.

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