A few days ago I decided I’ll try my hand at the National Novel Writing month project, after Ali pointed it out. I’ve got it narrowed down to four ideas that I think I could have a go at, and I’d be curious to hear from any of you about which might be the best one.

So here’s what I have, working title and very short synopsis.

  • The Dead Bird-Goddess (hard science fiction)
    The young head of an interstellar company must uncover the secrets of an ancient, dying civilization, as well as seek out the very human agency responsible for the death of her father and the near-destruction of her company.
  • Neith Imports (dark fantasy/suspense)
    In a world where vampires run nations, a secret society of spies and vampire hunters works to bring down the monsters — even at the price of becoming monsters themselves.
  • The Nanking Sword (dark fantasy/historical)
    An man inherits a samurai sword and immediately begins suffering from horrifying dreams and visions. He realizes he must find out the truth about the sword, and return it to its original owners, for justice to be served.
  • Elixir Sulfanilamide (historical with fantasy elements)
    In the autumn of 1937, agents of the FDA must locate every last drop of a tainted drug. One of them is a woman with very special mental gifts. Can she use them to track down the deadly medicine that is causing children to die?Your feedback, either in terms of “best idea for a novel” or “best idea for a novel that I have a hope in heck of writing in one month’s time” — or any other thoughts you might have on these ideas — is very welcome.

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