“If you dig it, do it. And if you really dig it, do it twice.”
–Jim Croce


Somewhere around seven years ago, give or take, I was really impressed with the idea of message boards. Several of my friends had started them and I was, well, digging it. So I decided to start one of my own.

The Starlight Teahouse has passed through a couple of different board providers over the years but has resided comfortably with an outfit called Forumer for almost exactly three years now. We have a lovely forum logo by the inimitable , and an easy-to-remember domain name: Starlightteahouse.com.

We have forums for discussing anything from Dubya to Doctor Who to knitting. There are also a number of forums devoted to playing a variety of different role-playing games. There’s even a place to talk tea! To post messages, you will need to complete a simple registration — it’s free, and once registered, there’s no advertising on the board.

The Teahouse has been very quiet of late, and I’d like to extend an invitation to anyone who hasn’t been there — or hasn’t been around in a while — to give the Teahouse another try. Maybe you’ll dig it too!

quote for the day, and an invitation
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