Looking for a relaxed, easy-going online spot to chat about the latest in news, events, and pop culture?  Want a place to compare notes on writing, art, sports … or tea?  Looking for a friendly place to share your favorite pet stories?

Writers — want a fun place to talk about the great art and craft of writing, where any genre and any level of experience is welcome?

Want to take part in a roleplaying game (or, if you prefer, collaborative storytelling) where the only limit is your creativity and imagination?  Pulp adventure, high fantasy, Babylon 5 or Star Trek — there’s a wide choice, or you could even start your own game.

You can find all of this and more at The Starlight Teahouse.  There are contests too!  Come check us out!

A special offer for my friends who read this message on Facebook:  send me a message with your email address, and I’ll create your account for you!

Thanks to Alida Saxon, longtime Teahouse member, who created the lovely logo above.

The Starlight Teahouse Is Open For Business!
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